What about me?

Born on Christmas Day, what more needs to be said really. I walk around with a GOD complex… Oh OK… not really. I was born on Christmas Day that is true and I couldn’t be further away from having a GOD complex. Truth be told I am more of a Jeckel and Hyde character. Anyone who has ever played sports against me or taught me would say the same. Nice guy off the field and in the classroom but man “bleep” on it, very strong competitive streak . I am full of energy and passion. When you are on my team though, I lead by example and would go through a brick wall for you. Loyal with a strong work ethic and a stick to it nature are characteristics of mine Love my family, sports, history, geography and dogs. Love to hike, downhill ski and mountains. May have missed my calling being a vet or a gardener. Supported by an amazing wife and two children who inspire me everyday. So when you need a voiceover for your project this is who you get. So, let’s get to work.