In the quiet of the night a magical thing happens when you discover the conversation between your subconscious and conscious mind.  It is why I have a book beside my bed most nights.  Should I forget to place one there I will then get up and write what I heard down.

Picture yourself in cabin in the woods the time is twilight just before complete darkness.  The moon is up and is bright. At the front door of the cabin we stand and chat.  I then reach into a small burlap bag and withdraw a small felt bag.  I untie the twine keeping it closed and gently pick up something.  I ask you told hold out your hand or hands in a cupped shape.  You do so and in your hand I place a grain.

This speck is of great value not to you but to those who live and breath, play and work on and within it.  You cannot hear them nor see them yet they are there.  Twilight has changed to night and the moon shines down allowing us to see that there is a path that leads to a canyon.  We walk and chat some more discussing the grain.  About 15 feet from the edge of the canyon we stop.  We are in a clearing where we can take in the moonlight illuminating the canyon in front of us.  It is the Grand Canyon.

We are just two specks looking out over the vastness of this beautifully created landscape.  We are quiet in our combined reverence.  We see patches of light which could be campfires and just then I ask you to look into your hand at the speck.  The importance seems to strike a cord.  I then ask you to look skyward.  You lift your head and take in the first star.  Then as your eyes adjust you begin to see that the night sky seems to be right on top of us and it is literally filled with stars.  You instinctively look into your hand.

The words that come out of your mouth are – I get it, I get it, I GET IT!

When you take a script into your hands there is a process of discovery that is going to take place.  Let it take the time it needs,do it with reverence and let the stars shine bright!


For some  reason the song She’s a Rainbow was playing in my head quite loudly while this conversation between my subconscious and conscious mind was taking place.