When we hear the word thanksgiving our minds turn to the holiday with family and friends eating and communing with each other. Do we really give thanks ? I would offer that for most of us this holiday is just about eating and getting together with friends and family. It really should be about much more.

Giving thanks to my clients, business partners, my agents, my colleagues. Giving thanks to wonderful script writers and audio engineers. To studio owner’s producers and voiceover mentors. Giving thanks to me is far more than eating turking and reconnecting. It is about thanking those including yourself for what we have received over the course of a year.

Without the people who I have mentioned above our voiceover career would be nothing. I am thankful to so many this year. As this year above all others has been a turning point in my career. Thankful to myself so stepping out of my comfort zone, believing for the first time in my abilities. Thankful for new demos including one being cut this week, new friends and opportunities.

Thankful for a wonderful support wife and kids who make my life complete.

Happy Thanksgiving – Remember to actual reflect on those who you are thankful for as they a precious.