Life is a journey and voiceovers is just a part.  You see what ever you choose to do in life is part of your journey it isn’t who you are.  I am back from 2 weeks of vacation and they were great.  They were the best two weeks I have had off in quite a long time.  We spent some time at a cottage on the Burnt River near Fenelon Falls Ontario.  There was a hot tub a sauna a couple of kayaks and peace and quiet.  Some boats made their way down or up the river and the river was only approximately 100 feet wide.    Fenelon Falls is a nice town as was Bobcaygeon.  We had pie from the pie shop and did some sightseeing.  It was nice to turn off the hustle and bustle and focus completely on the family time to enjoy each others company.

Like the boats life is a journey and like the people on that boat voiceover is a part of me.  I had contemplated bringing my gear and working should work come in as it does most days.  I told myself that it wouldn’t hurt as it doesn’t take me long to narrated the scripts that come in for the most part.  Then maybe 24 hours before we left I contacted my agents and companies that I regularly work with that I would be off for 2 weeks.  It almost turned my stomach as I wasn’t sure what the reaction was going to be.  Work is work it needs to get done and there are time constraints as we all know only too well.

To my surprise all and I do mean all said to enjoy myself and the time with my family.  The work would be there when I got back.  It was and it was a lot plus a bonus.  Even though I am not allowed to legally state who I worked for I can say this.  In January I had written down in my journal that I wanted to work for this company.  I had reached out a few times over the past few years and established a connection which turned into a relationship and good banter.  No work though.  In July I had gone out to replace my journal and my first entry in the new journal was to work with this company.

I got to work with this company

It has been a life ambition of mine to work for this company.  When I got the news on the last Friday of my vacation stating that they wanted to work with me on the Monday the very last day of my vacation. I was OK I will be at home and will  open my studio that had not been open for two weeks.  I said nothing to my wife or my kids or anyone.  When the Monday came around and I voiced the project I had to say something.  I posted it to social media as I am doing here.  Not stating who I worked for but I really want to but I know the deal.  Believe when I can I will.

So as my journey continues and I cross off this company from the list of want to work for.  I have made a new entry in my journal stating that this cannot be a one time thing.  I had too much fun and by fun I mean the energy of youth like being a kid in a candy store kind of fun.  Wide eyed bushy tailed.  Ecstatic!

This journey is fun and hard and complicated and easy and frustrating and everything wrapped up in one.  Two weeks no work I stood up and stated this is my time.  The universe respected it and delivered my most coveted of roles.  All I can say is live your life on your terms.  Do what you want when you want. Respect everyone and everything.  Be good and faithful. Dream and take action.  Pursue and take in while in pursuit so that you don’t miss the important small things.  Because those small things are the most important.

Your journey is precious so is mine.  I did it so can you!