As I sit here I am thinking about and witnessing a dream. My wife and I have two children a boy 15 and girl 13. Our son Liam is growing into a man. I am privileged to be a part of this growth. He is a boy with ADHD and always had tremendous physical ability. Five years ago I signed him up for football and his mother almost killed me. Her thoughts turned around when she saw how happy football made him after his very first practice. Liam had tried a variety of sports but football put a smile on his face and he beamed.

His first 4 years he played on offence mostly as a receiver and had a smattering of success. Before heading into grade 10 Liam said Dad I want to play defense this year. I said that he should and just to tell the coach. His coached allowed him and Liam made the transition from receiver to safety/linebacker and his smile grew larger. For he exceeded his expectations, his coaches expectations and he took off. He is 5’10” 155lbs now and growing. His ADHD for the most part is under control. His marks have always been an issue if he wanted to go to college. While they are good he could do much better as he is smart he just lacks the effort in school.

Dream = Football and Sports Management – Liam has a dream to play football for Penn State University. While this is a lofty goal and way outside most people’s reach. With dedication and hard work he just could do it. My wife and I are witnessing it develop, this is his goal/dream and we would love for him to have it manifest into reality.

Now Liam is a very talented football player. He plays high school ball for Trenton High and his Jr Varsity team the Quinte Skyhawks where he is captain of the Db’s (defensive backs). He just came back from playing in the 1st ever All Canada Bowl. He was selected to play for Team East and had an interception and few big big plays in the game. This game exposed him to schools across Canada and the US.

We are starting to witness scouts follow Liam. While this is great and needed for Liam to pursue his dream a realization needs to happen. For the dream to become reality Liam needs to address his marks and come to terms with his lack of discipline when it comes to putting effort into his schooling. The scouts and schools will see the talent but when they see his marks will turn away.

I / we are looking for ways that can help him as there is nothing more infuriating as self-sabotage. You have the talent and the smarts but because school is not as interesting as football the effort to work is not there. My thoughts are if the desire to play football in the states is so great that it forces him to do the work at school then great. That of coarse is no guarantee. Sometimes the desire is great but the lethargy is greater.

He has approximately 15 – 18 months to address his school shortcomings. The dream is alive and we believe in him. Will he do what is necessary? Only time will tell but it is great to think about and witness his dream. We will do what we can to help foster the dream but ultimately it is he who controls it. If he can see it, visualize it, feel it. It will happen. I am a big believer in dreams. The bigger the better and this one is big.

Make it a reality son, I know in my heart you can.

Shoot for the moon and if you miss you will land among the stars.

Love Dad.