This is something that has been bothering me for a little bit now. Have you heard of the ‘Motivation Myth’ where the thought process is that no matter your motivation the real issue about succeeding in anything is to start, just begin or do.

While this is true to actually achieve anything you must start whatever it is you desire to do to achieve your goal. What bothers me is the bashing of motivation. No one can tell me or you that your motivation isn’t strong enough to prompt you to start. They do not walk in your shoes. Sure they may have a degree in psychology or behavioral science but the fact remains they are not you and as such cannot weigh with any precision whether or not your motivation was a factor in getting you started to achieve your goal. To be dismissive of this to me is short sighted and downright closed minded.

If my goal was to play for Penn State in Football. One coach tells me to connect with the recruiter of team and continue to be in his or her ear (basically be front of mind). Another says that won’t happen you need a dose of reality. First I respect both opinions. Second I will listen to the first coach as it is direction. Third I can use the second coach’s opinion as motivation to succeed because he or she doesn’t believe in my dream. That can be used as fuel (I’ll show you) in my pursuit.

Should I heaven forbid be mugged. I had always wanted to be more secure in my surroundings before being mugged. Thankfully I came through relatively unhurt. Using the event as motivation to become more secure leads me to take self-defense courses and ultimately to be a black belt in ju-jitsu.

Motivation – the general desire or willingness of someone to do something. To begin your path to success is a personal choice. Motivation can be a part of it. Only you can start and I hope that you do. Do not let someone tell you that motivation is a myth it is not! It can be used in a variety of ways because it is unique to you.