Born Decemeber 25th 1968 yes Christmas Day…. but please wish me a happy birthday then a merry christmas. I am a creative you know and a human, so I have sensitivities. Born and raised in Montreal or at least on the island of Montreal in a city now a borrow or an amalgamation called Pierrefonds (aka Rock Bottom).

I have an older sister and brother I am the youngest and yes most temperamental. I had a rabbit named Grace and a dog named Blacky. My porn name would be Blacky Regent because I grew up on Regent street which was renamed while I lived there to Sauriol. I suppose I would be known as Blacky Regent-Sauriol as many people who live in Quebec have hyphenated last names.

Growing up was fun, I remember fondly playing pitch and catch with my brother. Showing my frustrations by exploding with a violent tantrum (thankful I have grown out of them) and enjoying camping and just a part of a really loving family. One thing I really loved growing up was our community outdoor pool. Yes I live in Canada it is not cold all year round. We did not have icebergs in the pool.

Scouting and baseball were the things I did growing up. Scouting gave me leadership skills. Baseball was fun and I was extremely good at it. Traveling to Syracuse New York with my baseball friends to play the US. Going to Cooperstown NY to see the Hall of Fame. Live was good and still is.

Scouting also introduced me to Toastmasters International. My parents signed me up for youth leadership at Toastmasters. This was the beginning of my ability to use my voice in public.

Donald Duck – Now although my last statement was ‘This was the beginning of my ability to use my voice in public.’ True but for my classmates they would say that beginning in kindergarten I was using my voice to mimic Donald. Donald was and is a huge part of me since he like me was kind loving and extremely temperamental.

Schooling for me was not fun. I enjoyed the other kids for sure and many are my friends today. Learning the way we did just did not resonate with me. You see I am a doer not a sitter. Reading which ironically is my career of choice was not a strong point with me.

Sports, Geography and History were the subjects that I excelled in and still do.

Girls oh how I love them. My wife is amazing she is passionate, loving, frustrating and my best friend. I have had girlfriends and an ex wife who is an amazing woman in her own right we just weren’t right for each other.

I have two children a 15 year old boy who I love with all I have. He is smart, empathetic, athletic and quirky as all hell. He will go very far in this world as he is not bound but normal trapings. My daughter is pure joy… she looks at life through the same lense as I do. She is creative enjoys the great outdoors (she is on a canoe course this weekend) and temperamental. My kids are the best of me.

Now careers…. I graduated from high school, cegep and university. I have a university degree BA Specialization in Physical Geography and a minor in Computer Science. This lead me to a career in Visual Database Design for a Flight Simulation Company in Montreal. I still work for them today. What is Visual Database Design? I create airports of the world and their surroundings so that they are rendered on a visual system used in a flight simulator. It is the world that pilots are immersed in when they use the simulators to learn to fly.

From 1992 to 1996 that is what I did and again from 2010 to the present. Between 1996 and 2010 I taught and was a consultant. I also became a voice over talent/actor.

More on that to come…